The Ultimate Guide to Varieties of Wedding Rings

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Types of Wedding Rings

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When it comes to your wedding day, everything needs to be perfect. Including your ring! 

There are so many wedding rings available that it can be challenging to choose the right one for you. 

From traditional gold and silver bands to more unique options like platinum or titanium, read this guide to discover the perfect options for your big day.

Best Types of Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings in yellow gold: the most classic and timeless choice that can be found in a range of styles. Although gold is the emblem of tradition, yellow, white, pink gold, and other combinations look outstanding too.

White gold wedding bands: exquisite and also more accessible in terms of prices. However, since nickel is no longer added (because it can cause allergies), the metal tends to yellow a little. Many creators mix it with palladium or uranium to maintain the original appearance over time. 

Wedding rings in rose gold: rings forged with this color take on tints of porcelain. The beautiful rose shade makes a modern style choice and seems to be the center of attention.

Silver wedding rings: among the best types of wedding rings and a perfect alternative to gold for those who don’t want to exceed their budget. They are also customizable in shape and color, making them the ideal choice for an elegant and affordable ring.

Platinum wedding rings are precious, solid, and durable. Platinum is an actual representation of masculinity; for this reason, it is often much loved by the male part of the couple. The flaw: you must pay attention to the glossy effect it creates if you’re not a fan of it.

Titanium wedding rings: a novelty in the wedding world, titanium rings are ideal for their resistance. The perfect rings for a decisive, authentic couple who wants to break the mold while maintaining high elegance.

Steel wedding rings are bold and modern, especially for people allergic to gold. Steel can be fully customized, but it needs to be maintained. As with silver rings, it is essential to take them more often to the jeweler to have them rhodium-plated. 

Tips to Customize Categories of Wedding Rings

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Customizing your wedding rings means expanding their symbolic meaning, making them even more unique and personal. 

When looking at them, you will always think of your love, perhaps of a special moment spent together or a significant date. 

There are many ways to personalize wedding rings, but before deciding if you want to do that, consider some important aspects:

Unisex Details or Not?

Wedding rings used to be very modest; the future spouses did not even wonder if it was appropriate to personalize them or not. 

Today, the trend is changing, and many couples choose to enrich different types of rings with details that often change between men and women. 

However, if you want to have identical wedding rings and maybe personalize them only a little, you will have to look for a detail that goes well with both the male and the female look. Opt for two rings that, while differentiating, match perfectly.

Type of Processing and Maintenance

There are many ways to customize your wedding rings:

  • Internal and external engravings
  • Colors and materials
  • The addition of inserts such as diamonds or decorations 

All these possibilities require different types of maintenance, which will consequently be more or less expensive.

Internal engraving certainly involves less effort both from processing and concerning the economic expenditure; other methods, on the other hand, may require more work which is not limited only to periodic polishing.

For these reasons, ask for information when choosing if and how to customize your wedding rings.

Unconventional Wedding Rings

Not all spouses want to adapt to social conventions and traditions related to marriage. Love is indeed not measured by choice of classic gold wedding rings. 

Some couples opt for very intimate wedding details, and others want to customize their wedding rings to the maximum.

But not only the color determines the eccentricity of the wedding rings; also, the shape or the engravings are an aspect not to be underestimated:

Rounded: a rounded shape combined with a personalized touch will make the result exclusive. You could, for example, have them made in all colors of gold, according to the variety of rings available.

Embossed: this creative design, with an embossed and notched processing that gives life to irregularly shaped segments, is the perfect choice for those who love to provide an original touch and don’t want to go unnoticed.

Matte: How about a nice satin color for your wedding bands? This authentic idea is becoming a trend lately, and you’ll surely love it!

Raw artistry: slightly wavy with natural/shiny contrasts or carving, a classic but outstanding choice. You could opt for a natural white gold or yellow gold color, depending on your preferences.

Double two-tone: think of a double wedding ring with a slightly rounded line and a wavy shape, the right combination of classic taste and exclusive design. The ideal ring to seal your love forever!

Wedding rings in black and white: If you adore diamonds, why not get personalized wedding rings set with them? You could decide on both white and black ones, in both cases the result would be sublime!

Wrapping it up

Wedding ring shopping can seem daunting with the different varieties available. 

Considering you will most likely be wearing it for the rest of your life, you must choose the ring that matches your style perfectly!

Hopefully, this guide has helped you better understand the characteristics between different materials and shapes.

Armed with the knowledge, you are now ready to start shopping for your perfect wedding ring. 

Thanks for following along!

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