5 Different Types of Rings and Their Meanings

Wedding ring

Different Types of Rings

When it comes to rings, there is a range category of them with various meanings. From wedding bands to class rings, each one has its own specific purpose and symbolism. Here are five different types of rings and what they represent.

1. Promise Rings

A woman with a wedding ring

Probably everyone has heard of promise rings already. These significant pieces of jewelry signify a promise made between two people. It can be anything from a commitment, celebrating friendship, or even a pledge to abstain from unhealthy habits like drugs or alcohol. 

Promise rings are usually worn on the ring finger, traditionally associated with marriage. Whether given as a gift from one friend to another or exchanged between romantic partners, these special rings serve as a reminder of the strength of the relationship and the promises made between those who wear them.

2. Engagement Rings

A wedding ring with a gem

An engagement ring is worn by a person who is about to be married. They are usually made from gold, silver, or platinum and can be simple or complex in design. Most rings have a central diamond, often surrounded by smaller diamonds or other gemstones. 

The first recorded engagement ring was given by the Archduke Maximillian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. The tradition of giving an engagement ring gained popularity in the late 18th century and has continued to be a widely practiced tradition worldwide. While the specific meaning and value of engagement rings may vary from culture to culture, they all symbolize a commitment to marriage and eternal love.

3. Wedding Rings

Two golden rings

Wedding rings symbolize eternal love and commitment but also have a long and fascinating history. The tradition of exchanging rings is so old it dates back to ancient Egypt, where couples would exchange rings made of reeds or papyrus. In the Middle Ages, rings were often made of iron to symbolize the strength of marriage. 

It wasn’t until the 14th century that gold and silver became the standard materials for wedding rings. Today, couples have a wide variety of choices regarding their wedding rings. They can choose from various metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and titanium. They can also choose from many designs, from simple bands to intricate diamond-encrusted rings. However, no matter their style or material, wedding rings will always be the eternal symbol of love.

4. Anniversary Rings

A flower with two rings on top of it

For many couples, an anniversary is the best time to celebrate their years of love. And what better way to memorize this special occasion than with a ring? Anniversary rings are a beautiful way to show your partner that you are still as madly in love as the day you married. Plus, they make a great addition to your jewelry collection! 

There are many styles of anniversary rings to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to suit your unique relationship. Whether you opt for a classic diamond band or something more modern and trendy, this unique piece will bring a smile to your partner’s face. So don’t wait – show your loved one how much they mean to you with a beautiful anniversary ring today.

5. Birthstone Rings

A ring with a navy crystal

Birthstone rings are a popular type of jewelry that features a gemstone associated with the month of the wearer’s birth. The tradition of wearing birthstones dates back to biblical times when twelve gems were engraved with the names of Israel’s twelve tribes and set in Aaron’s breastplate. Today, there is a wide range of birthstone rings available, from simple bands to more elaborate designs. 

While the stones themselves are often the focus, some birthstone rings also incorporate other symbols or images associated with the meaning of the stone. For example, a ring featuring a ruby might also include a heart motif, as rubies are traditionally associated with love and passion. Whether making a gift or looking for a unique way to celebrate your birthday, birthstone rings are an excellent choice.


If you’re considering giving a ring as a gift, it’s important to do your research to find the type of ring that best suits the situation. Each type of ring has its own unique meaning, and wearing the wrong one can send the wrong message. Do you have any questions about what kind of ring to give in what situations? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to help you.